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Selection Trials this Sunday! (25th Sept 7:40am-10:40am @ CRC)

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 .......At long last,  the MCCRC Zooties have arrived in the MCC uniform shop!

Great news from Gabriella at the MCC Uniform shop – Zooties are now available for sale @ $54 each!!! J

Here are the shop opening times from the school website:

Regular Opening Times (during school term only):

Monday 8.00 am – 1.30 pm
Tuesday 3.00 pm – 5.30 pm
Thursday 12.30 pm – 5.30 pm

1st Saturday of each Month 9 am – 12 noon 


This was an email from the President of Canberra Rowing Club this weekend:--

Hi Chris,

Just thought I would let you know just how well the Marist guys represented themselves at the ISRA regatta.

As you are aware, the ISRA Regatta is a 2 dayer, and takes its toll on athletes, coaches and boats, but particularly on the volunteer Boat Race Officials.

I have been involved with the regatta for both days this weekend, as has Alan Butorac and Claudia Botteril.

I thought it appropriate to let you know that the Marist team represented themselves in exemplary fashion, in all respects.

Within their first ‘State’ regatta, and an event loaded with more experienced athletes, they showed great control, and high standard boat handling skills in what at times were testing conditions of cross winds, rough water, etc.

Their, unfussed disposition, attitude, discipline, and helpfulness made them a joy to work with.

It was also a pleasure to see them power out from the start of many events, to stay ahead of more experienced crews, and to record some credible performances.

The way these gentlemen represented themselves over the past 2 days is a credit to their school, and to the folk responsible for mentoring and coaching them.

That said, it is also a fine reflection on our club.

Sincere congratulations to you, your team, and particularly the folk who have assisted in the propagation of Marist Rowing, thus far.

I wish them continued success in the sport.

Please feel free to refer this message on to the Marist Managers.


Brendon Prout, President CRC 


Check out that rowing style!

For a larger view just click in the body of the picture and it will take you to the YouTube Site.


Boys (and parents) ....The ACT Academy of Sport (ACTAS), in conjunction with Rowing ACT (RACT) and the National Talent Identification and Development Program (NTID) invites individuals and schools to be screened to assess potential for high performance rowing. This round of testing is targeting athletes who have the potential to qualify for the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil. on here ... COME ON BOYS, MARIST NEEDS MORE OLYMPIANS!! ...if you are interested talk to your coach. 

Parent Learn to Row

Several parents have expressed interest in learning to row at CRC both for personal enjoyment and to enable them to assist more in the new club activities. CRC has a learn to row programme which can be accessed on the CRC homepage (see links). We are looking into the possibility of CRC hosting a course for Marist College Canberra Rowing Club parents.

Website Enquiries:

Phone:(0439) 715 643
Fax: (02) 6108-4399

 Want to learn to drive a 'Tinnie' (Motor Boat)?

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